Museveni Is Young In Age — Ofwono Opondo

Uganda Media Centre boss Ofwono Opondo has said that president Museveni who recently won a fifth term in office to extend his 30 year stay in power is young in age and head.


“Museveni is both young in the age and in the head, unlike some people who are young but dead in the head,” he said while appearing on NBS TV today morning.

On February 18th this year, Museveni was re-elected for a 5th term that will see him stretch his reign to a record 35 years.

Even as he awaits swearing in in May, talk of a post-Museveni era is fast gathering pace.

He will be 77 years in 2021, & thus ineligible to run again, at least according to Article 102(b) of the constitution.

Though Opondo said there is no plan to remove age limit clause in the constitution to let Museveni contest again, Makerere University historian Mwambusya Ndebesa noted that “law doesn’t say one can’t be president when they turn 75. One can remain president even until 89.”

Mwambusya argued that president Museveni has been saying he will follow the constitution but it can be amended.

“Mr Museveni says he will follow the Constitution when asked about the age limit. Will the said Constitution be amended?…for the sake of having political certainty, the succession road-map needs to start taking shape.”

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