M7 Did Not Endorse MPs Move On Taxes— State House

State House has denied claims by members of parliament that president Museveni endorsed their move to insulate themselves from paying taxes.

H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Hon. Peter Ogwang Youth MP for Eastern Uganda and Hon. Henry Musasizi Rubanda East MP while speaking at a press conference said that legislators “agreed with the President in the [ruling party’s parliamentary retreat in] Kyankwanzi that we should not increase our salaries and benefits but tax on our allowances should be lifted to maintain the status-quo.”

However, it has emerged that president Museveni did not endorse MPs move.

“President Museveni did not endorse this plan and he is going to scrutinise this bill. If it is found to be a bad law, he will definitely not sign it,” a brief statement posted on State House Facebook page reads in parts.

The statement further noted; “The MPs are being selfish and talking irresponsibly. Are they passing the Budget for the President’s personal use or for the country to manage its affairs, including serving the people who elected them?”

In terms of figures, the Income Tax (Amendments) Bill, 2016 means that instead of taxing an MP on his or her consolidated pay of nearly Shs25m, Uganda Revenue Authority will tax only Shs2.6m per month as salary.

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