FDC Red Top Overpower Police

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) youth who call themselves the Red Top brigade yesterday resisted arrest and overpowered police.

The five FDC youth decided to walk to Kololo to “arrest president Museveni” who was attending National Resistance Movement (NRM) celebrations after learning that police had foiled parallel celebrations organized by opposition politicians at Nakivubo Blue primary school.

They believe that Besigye won the elections.

The Red top youth were blocked by police near Bank of Uganda where a scuffle ensued as police attempted to effect arrest.

As the arrest battle raged, the Red top youth were cheered by the bystanders who crowded the vicinity hurling insults at the police.

The scuffle ended when police failed to arrest the demonstrators.

The Red Top Brigade emerged in early March days after the presidential elections.

The group also authored a letter to President Yoweri Museveni warning him of consequences in case he doesn’t relinquish power “after losing elections.”

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