Besigye Speaks Out On Plan To Oust Museveni Before Swearing In Ceremony

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) icon Dr. Kizza Besigye has said that president Museveni did not win the 18th February presidential election and has no capacity to be sworn in as president.

Ex Forum for Democratic Change president Kizza Besigye
Ex Forum for Democratic Change president Kizza Besigye

Besigye, while appearing on NBS TV today morning started that FDC wants and independent audit of the presidential election outcome before Museveni is sworn in on May 12th.

On Monday, the party revealed that it is planning massive demonstrations as part of the party’s free my vote campaign.

The demonstrations will take place on 5th May days before Museveni’s swearing in ceremony.

“Mr Museveni has no qualifications to be sworn in. It should be the task of Ugandans to stop him,” Besigye said.

Adding; “Our purpose is not to stop the swearing in but to establish who should be sworn in. That’s why we recommend an independent audit.”

He said FDC won the presidential election and the party is prepared to form a government.

However, Besigye admitted that if an independent audit is carried out and the party finds that it lost election, it will accept the outcome.

Besigye noted that driving a boda boda near his vehicle is now becoming a crime and people coming out to wave at him is also crime.

Two weeks ago masked people in presence of police battered people and boda boda cyclists who were following Kizza Besigye as he drove through town.

“Many of these people that police is roughing up are the very ones that are paying taxes that pay their salaries. The real hooligans are not my supporters. The real hooligans are in suits and holding big offices,” Besigye said.

“Sometimes, I wish I could just stay home in Kasangati instead of coming to town to watch people being brutalized.”

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