You Have Broken all Bad Records Set by Amin- Fr. Gaetanao tells Museveni

Controversial Catholic Church priest Rev. Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda has penned a letter to president Museveni reminding him of his sins.


The Parish priest of Kitanga, Kabale and Chairperson Inter-Religious Council Kigezi Sub-region says Museveni has exposed himself as a dictator who cannot repent and has broken all bad records set by Amin.

He noted that president Museveni lost the February 18th presidential elections but continue to impose harsh life to the winner Dr. Kizza Besigye who is incarcerated at his Kasangati home.

Below is the Letter

On Wed 23rd March 2016 I wrote to President Museven in these or similar words;
Your Excellency,

Where as I personally gave Holy Blessings to you this year on 4th January purposely that you may REPENT your SINS, it is very unfortunate that your SINS have rather over heaped and are now overflowing.

It is Miserable to watch the unending and continuous harassment, torture, arrest and mistreatment posed on Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye like an animal, by Kayihura instructed by you president Museven.

Regrettably, you and the small group of people with guns that lost the election last Month cannot repent.
Your Excellency, I was born in the same month and same year like you in 1944 if at all your age is correct, and I have witnessed all kinds of Leadership since 1962 or before, but most assuredly I tell you, you are the most Dictator in Uganda’s record ever!

Your Excellency, allow me to inform you that you have broken all bad records that were set by Idd Amin and lamentably you are setting your own bad records to worse.

Your Excellency, Most assuredly I tell you, you have exposed that you are a top dictator in Uganda’s history that cannot repent.

Your Excellency, I know you are aware that you badly lost the election last month, but unfortunately you have continued to impose harsh life to the winner (Col. Dr Kiiza Besigye) at his home by your small group of people with guns led by Kayihura.

Your Excellency, you have forgotten that Ugandans no longer love you at all and you are forcing yourself on them, I remember last year I personally told you the same words while you were in Kabale district.

Your Excellency, dictators are not born but they are made, you have sadly reached at a level of being autocratic and monocratic because you have qualified for it.

Your advisors, ministers, and unfortunately some religious leaders, who know the truth prefer to keep dumb and watch things falling apart because they are opportunists, egomaniacs, sycophants and are fearful.

Your Excellency, Kindly consider repentance before the wonderful resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter.
May the Lord be with you

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