Why US, South Korea Must End Joint Military Drills For Peace To Prevail In The Korean Peninsula

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has called for an end to U.S-South Korea joint military drills if peace is to prevail in the Korean peninsula.

US and South Korean soldiers take part in joint military exercises in Pohang, South Korea.
US and South Korean soldiers take part in joint military exercises in Pohang, South Korea.

In a statement released by Jon Min Dok, Director, Institute for Disarmament and Peace, DPRK, the US has in the last 70 years since its occupation of South Korea staged annually all kinds of aggressive war drills in the south, thus driving the situation in the Korean peninsula and the region to the brink of war.

“The DPRK is a peace-loving nation. The DPRK, unlike the US, has neither invaded other nations with armed forces nor conducted any large-scale bilateral or multilateral joint military drills abroad against a third country,” Jon Min Dok said.

It should be remembered that the US occupied South Korea under the guise of “liberator” following Japan’s defeat in World War II thus dividing the homogeneous nation of Korea and its soil into the north and the south.

“From the early days of its illegal and unlawful occupation of south Korea by force and turning south Korea into its full colony until now, the US has been desperate and impudent in portraying itself as a “defender” of the world peace and security while slandering the DPRK as a “criminal” destroying peace and security in order to mislead the world option,” the statement adds.

DPRK government thinks that peace is an unachievable dream if US does not suspend their military drills which they say are ‘quite different from military exercises of other countries in view of both frequency and purpose.’

“Peace and security on the Korean peninsula is of great importance to the Korean nation since it is directly related to the existence of the Korean nation and its reunification,” he said. He adds,”Therefore, the suspension of joint military exercises is the precondition for safeguarding the peace on the Korean peninsula.”

DPRK government says if the military drills do not end then it is ‘inevitable that the cease-fire out of control will surely switch to a hot war at any moment.’

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