We Living In A Country Of Captivity — Besigye

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) candidate in the February 18 presidential elections has said Uganda is a country under captivity.


Addressing a group of women activist who turned up for Tuesday prayers at his Kasangati home where he has been incarcerated since elections, Besigye noted that all institutions are under captivity.

“There is a misunderstanding that there is multi-party political system. There is none. There is no multiparty political system. We are living in a country where all institutions are captive,” Besigye said.

Besigye said he has no motives of overthrowing Museveni government militarily.

He was part of the 1981-86 Luweero bush war that brought the current government to power.

Former minister of Ethics and Integrity Dr. Miria Matembe who led prayer session told media that women had asked Besigye to explain his defiance campaign.

“He said it very clearly that it is not about war. He doesn’t want war,” Matembe said.

Kizza Besigye was blocked from walking from his home the electoral commission to collect the results after the presidential elections.

Up to now, he is still held at his home.

Government maintains that he will not be freed until he denounces defiance campaign.

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