Surrender Or Be Killed — M7 Tells Kapchorwa Rebels

President Yoweri Museveni has called on the attackers of the Kapchorwa Police station to surrender peacefully or be followed up in the forest and be killed from there.


“These people who came to attack here would have been killed here. They should not have been allowed to go back since they came on their own. Police just killed one, they would have killed all of them. But the Police were not alert or well prepared. Am going to discuss with your leaders and find a way of bringing these children out peacefully and find a solution to this. If not, we will go after them and kill them there,” he said and at an impromptu rally that he held in Kapchorwa town shortly after getting a brief on the attack by the District Police Commander John Odokonyero.

The President was this afternoon speaking to the people of Sebei region in Kapchorwa Municipality, Kapchorwa district. The President told the gathering that they he will discuss the issue caused by some of these boys with the Police officers and some elders so as to let the boys to come back peacefully.

The crowd that quickly gathered and waited for the President to address them responded by urging the President to let them surrender peacefully.


“Some people used to think the Karimojong issue could not be solved, now where are they? The Problem is we used to talk to them peacefully until we decided to act. Fire is handled by fire. Even when getting honey from bees, you use fire. If these children can come out peacefully….already they have killed people, but we shall see how to solve that. This is now a time for development,” he said.

The President’s visit follows an earlier attack by about 15 un identified people who killed a policeman, injured three and fled with a prisoner from the Police station.

According to sources, the attackers exploited the laxity at the station to attack and forcefully release one of their colleagues who had been arrested earlier for stealing guns from UWA game rangers in Mt. Elgon Forest. The attackers left one policeman ASP Akim Kaddu dead and two others injured, one seriously. One of the attackers was also killed.

The President who is also the Commander In Chief of the Uganda Armed Forces also faulted the Police in Kapchorwa district for not being alert and prepared to provide maximum security.

“There is the issue of insecurity caused by some boys here and mistakes made by the Police not being very alert and prepared,’’ he said.


The President thanked the people of Sebei region for voting very well in the recently concluded Presidential and Parliamentary elections that saw the NRM sweep to victory.

“You used to demand for electricity, now it has reached Bukwo and will be switched on soon. The road project delayed but now the loan has been finalized and the project will kick off in December,” he said.

Initially, the President who is accompanied by the First Lady Janet Museveni and the Kapchorwa RDC Jane Kuka held a closed door meeting with the security chiefs in the area before meeting the family of the slain Police Officer. He pledged government support to the family.

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