Starqt Awards Nominations On

The annual Starqt Awards are back and nominations are on now.


“Starqt are now big and better since they are now diverse society awards with sectors of lifestyle, entertainment, sports and education,” said Stella Nankya, the Starqt Awards organizer.

Unlike the previous awards, the 2016 event is open doors to other African Nationals.

Starqt awards’ mission is to unite, recognise, celebrate and reward ground breakers that impact on their societies in various capacities.

The Starqt awards will be held on Saturday September 03, 2016 at Legislature City Hall in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Stella Nankya started as a model in South Africa in 2007 with a South African based modelling agency.

Stella’s excellent performance in the modelling career forced her to start a fashion house labelled Starqt.

Stella Nankya
Stella Nankya

Starqt fashion house is one of the largest producers of men and women Clothes in South Africa.

Starqt branded clothes include; Pants, Winter Bunnies, Jackets, T-shirts, Bags, Tank tops and Sweaters.

The awards are also under Starqt fashion house.

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