Of Prof. Kanyeihamba’s humor & Lukwago’s Victory

By Nicholas Opiyo

At the height of the rebel MPs case, the legal team would meet at our strategic headquarters to re-strategise on our case approach.

Erias Lukwago
Erias Lukwago

These meetings took place immediately after every court session and different experts walked in and out occasionally.

The lead lawyer, the Rtd Supreme Court Judge, Hon, JSC. Prof. Dr. GW Kayeihamba was not only the consultant and lead lawyer per excellence; he also cracked everyone up every time the meeting got tense.

On a hot afternoon, the Lord Mayor and the counsel on his own right, Hon. Erias Lukwago walked into the meeting midway.

We were so concentrated on our discussion and lunch that hardly anyone notice the Lord Mayor walking in.

But the retired Judge did. He bellowed, ‘oh welcome Lord Mayor.’ We all looked up and in his quintessential bright suit was the man himself.

He bowed apologetically for his late coming and it was at this point that the wit and humor in the retired Judge took over.

‘Have you mounted Musisi yet’ he asked, sending everyone in a loud bout of laughter.

Counsel Omusiginyi Julius Galisonga who, if i can recall properly, was leading a discussion on a number of preliminary objections we were to raise during the next court session must have had a large chunk of chicken fly out of his mouth as i chalked on my orange juice drink.

Retired Judge George Kanyeihamba
Retired Judge George Kanyeihamba

The Lord Mayor was locked in a fierce legal and political battle with Jenifer Musisi, the KCCA Executive Director and had been unlawfully been locked out of City Hall and his office, the Mayor’s Palace was under lock and key as a combination of Jenifer Musis-Frank Tumwebaze and some legal gymnastics of Olympic proportions had contrived to undermine the voice of elected leaders at KCCA.

Today the Lord mayor did not only return to the Mayor’s office but did so on the back of a resounding election victory that has changed the composition of the KCCA  from a largely a NRM led to an opposition majority.

To use the word mounting may be inappropriate or even sexists but one thing is for sure, the Lord Mayor is one resilient individual who may sometime be annoying for being a stickler to the law.

He interprets every word of the law in ways only a few can muster. In his landslide election over the NRM musical and theatrical candidate in Ragga Dee, he simply won the moral and legal battles and demonstrated that the truth will always win and, in the words of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in his letter from the Birmingham jail, that the time is always right to do right.

Many at KCCA technical wing must be shifting uneasily on the edge of their seats.

In the words of Sir Alex Ferguson, it is squawky bums time for many.

But whatever it turns out to be, to disenfranchise the people of Kampala would be a little ill-advised.

If hindsight teaches us any lessons, then we will trudge on better allowing the peoples’ representatives have their say in how they wish to be governed.

I hope the Lord Mayor skips the white chicken cleaning ceremony this time and get down to the serious business of governing the city and delivering on his promise of an inclusive and developing city.

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