Museveni Promises to solve Kapchorwa conflict peacefully

President Museveni has said government will solve conflicts in the Kapchorwa after a recent attack on a police station in the area by a rebel group calling itself Uganda Saving Force (USF).


Museveni said government is going to discuss the conflict issue with the Police officers and some elders in a bid to allow the rebels to return home peacefully.

However, he said government will attack and kill the rebels if they don’t accept peaceful settlement.

“Some people used to think the Karamajong issue could not be solved, now where are they? The Problem is we used to talk to them peacefully until we decided to act,” Museveni said while addressing Kapchorwa Municipality residents yesterday.

Adding; “Fire is handled by fire. Even when getting honey from bees, you use fire. If these children can come out peacefully….already they have killed people, but we shall see how to solve that. This is now a time for development.”

Museveni said the rebels who attacked should have been killed on spot.

“They should not have been allowed to go back since they came on their own. Police just killed one, they would have killed all of them. But the Police were not alert or well prepared.”

The group early this month attacked Kapchorwa Central Police Station, killed a policeman, injured three and fled with a prisoner from the Police station.

In a letter circulated after the attack, the rebel group said it’s fighting to “save Uganda from a dictatorship of President Museveni.”

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