Mbabazi Lawyers Pin Electoral Commission on Vote Counting Flaws

Lawyers representing former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi have exposed flaws in the vote counting process of the 18th February presidential elections orchestrated by the electoral commission.


During the Saturday court session while making a rejoinder and after inspecting the declaration forms, Mbabazi lead counsel Muhammed Mbabazi told court the results on tally sheets are inconsistent with results on the declaration forms.

Giving the example of Kabale district, Mbabazi argued that the district DR forms given to them by Electoral commission do not have zeroes for a number of presidential candidates as the tally sheet showed.

“What they entered in the system and transmitted is not what was on the DR forms,” Counsel Mohmed Mbabazi said.
He argued that vote counting was done in secrecy and concealment hence causing the discrepancies. “This business of simply announcing results without showing the source of the results is what caused all this.”

Mbabazi said what happened in Kabale also happened in Jinja,Wakiso,Kampala and other districts.

“If they (EC) had done it (vote tallying) the right way the law requires them to, these zeros would have been noticed from the start,” Mohmed Mbabazi noted. He argued that the DR forms is where the will of the people is and if the information on the forms is not right then the will of the people is misrepresented.

Twinobusingye Severino, one of Mbabazi lawyers told court that there are cases where the total number of votes cast exceeded the number of voters. He highlighted cases in Bundibugyo district.

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