Makerere Guild Tribunal Orders Revote For Education Students

By Davidson Ndyabahika

An election tribunal probing the irregularity allegations in the College of Education and External Studies has declared a revote in the college.

Bazil Mwotta
Bazil Mwotta

Makerere University’s Guild Election Tribunal yesterday evening shunned recounting of education results of the recently concluded guild elections and decided to revote in the entire College of Education and External Studies (CEES).

The tribunal’s decision came after a long period of standoff at in the university.

The University’s EC declared the independent UYD’s Bazil Mwotta’s guild president hence the standoff.

The tribunal which is headed by a university council appointee has reached a conclusion after carrying out a controversial vote recount at the guild office yesterday afternoon where even after no substantial difference, members decided that the contested electorate should go back to the ballot this week.

According to a highly placed source in the tribunal, the entire college is to have a revote on Wednesday 23rd 2016 this week to end this controversy between Roy Ssemboga and Mwotta Biddemu Bazil.

The electoral commission on Friday March 11 2016 declared Mr. Mwotta Bazil the winner of the hotly contested election with 4591 votes against Ssemboga Roy’s 4276 out of the 12,852 valid votes counted.

The election which observers have declared punctuated by intimidation, deleting people from Facebook groups, voter bribery, mafias among others shall be saved after the Wednesday Election.

A similar incident happened in Makerere during the academic year 2008/2009 when the former guild president Mr. Shaban Ssenkubuge’s victory was contested and the matter was resolved in high court.

He later became the guild president and according the information that we have, he was the last guild president to come from the College of Education.

Whether Mwotta will break this 6 year all drought of no guild president by the College of Education, the Wednesday election will tell.

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