Magufuli Attacks EAC secretariat Over Lavish Spending

Tanzania’s president John Pombe Magufuli has lashed out at the East African Community secretariat over extravagant spending.


Magufuli who took Tanzania’s highest office in November 2015 introduced a number of austerity measures.

Before celebrating 100 days in office, he had for instance he chopped bonuses of Tanzania’s political elites and has given up some of his own presidential perks.

He cancelled what he thought were unnecessary flights and downsized delegations for international trips.

He led by example as he personally helped to clean up the streets on Independence Day and he even turned the opening of parliament into a no-frills event.

Magufuli who hosted the East African Community summit in Tanzania said money spent on the summit could have been saved to help poor people in the region.

“The budget the Secretariat is spending per head in this hotel [Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge] to host us for this Summit could have been saved to do other important things for the poor people in the EAC. The Secretariat could have saved at least $20 per head if the Summit was held at the EAC headquarters,” Magufuli was quoted by The East African.

He further said; “The Secretariat has become the complainer and not the problem solver when their mandate is to work on behalf of the partner states and help the poor people in the region.”

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