Ex Miss Uganda Kimbugwe Snatches Married Man

2004 Miss Uganda winner Barbara Kimbugwe seems not ready to give up on young and fresh whoppers.


The known man-eater has snatched a young married man.

Our sources have identified the guy only as Felix, who is a struggling fashion designer based in Denmark and married with two kids.

Kimbugwe is believed to have found her way into the young Man’s pants and she is seriously swallowing his whopper like a determined wrecker.

Actually, we’re told Felix is also in another relationship with another babe identified as Zed Evas who is a wannabe socialite in Kampala.

From the day Kimbugwe snatched Felix, she has suffered tense criticism with friends of the guy hurling insults at her, deeming her an old desperate whore and a home wrecker.

“Nyabo if you see Felix coming your way you better run the opposite way!!!!! goshhhhhhhh you’re so disgusting old lady I don’t even know why my brother Felix see in this chimpanzee,” one disgruntled friend launched a scathing attack on the former beauty queen.

Determined as usual, aging Kimbugwe has vowed to deal with any woman who attempts to destroy her affair with the new guy, telling them to stay away from her ‘baby’.

“Please give my baby a break stress on as we live on happily,” she told the ‘haters’

Actually, we’re told from the day Kimbugwe started posting pictures of her and Felix, the guy deactivated his Facebook account and went into hiding for fear of breaking up his family.

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