Dr. Muniini Mulera Launches Discussion Website for Canada, East African Community

Seasonal Political writer Dr. Muniini Mulera has launched a discussion website “Mulera’s Fireplace: URL www.mulerasfireplace.com” which he says will be telling positive stories about East Africa Community members.


He says the name is inspired by the old tradition where a fireplace was a forum for storytelling, sharing of news, discussing serious family plans and challenges and enjoying live entertainment.

Mulera, a paediatrician and neonatologist Ugandan living in Canada while explaining the significance of the website in a post on social media noted that; “Mulera’s Fireplace will be a place where: History, Politics, Economics, Culture, Education, Tourism and Health Matters of Partner States of the East African Community will be posted, updated and expanded to become a one-stop information resource on the Region.”

Adding; “Whereas nothing of relevance will be off limits, underlying the website will be a strong bias towards telling the positive stories of the Partner States of the East African Community.”

He noted that the website is also dedicated to Canada to help provide useful information to East African people and friends from other parts of Africa who may be interested in migrating, doing business with or visiting Canada.

Dr. Mulera promised “moderated high quality, frank discussions by the Fireplace about topics relevant to East Africa or its Partner States will take place in a mature and respectful manner. This is especially important given the increasing hope for further integration and eventual union of the East African Community Members. The conversation has been among the political leaders and rulers of the region. I think it should be among the citizens themselves. The Fireplace is an effort towards that goal.”

Dr. Muniini Mulera writes a weekly column in the Daily Monitor newspaper since 1997.

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