Uganda is sick, suffering from M7 government diseases— Dr. Stella Nyanzi

Research (MISR) and a confessed critic of president Museveni has argued that Uganda is sick, suffering from “treatable venereal disease she got the day that the NRM dipped his sweet sperm-shooter into our wetlands.”

nyanzi stella

Dr. Stella Nyanzi who recently promised to abstain from masturbation and sex if Museveni wins the coming elections used a number of analogies to discredit the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government.

Below is a statement she posted on her Facebook Timeline today

“When your man’s groin swells because he has chancroid or gonorrhea, don’t praise him for being a Big-big man when you gossip with the other men. Praising the incumbent regime for giving Uganda peace, democracy and good governance is like praising your man for his big-big size which is a cesspool of infection. Didn’t you hear about the ballots choosing Museveni that were offloaded in Kigali, ready for stuffing our boxes later this February? Temuwaana empanama!

When your woman’s belly swells from fibroids, cysts and other deadly masses, do you call a clan meeting to announce that she is carrying your heir? Singing “Steady Progress, No Change” to Museveni’s thirty-year old presidency is like showing off the benign tumours in your woman’s uterus simply because they are not yet malignant. Don’t you see how he has infected the state house, police, army, central bank, parliament, judges, schools, hospitals and every gullible Ugandan brain with his madness? There is no heir in a fibroid!

When your babies’ stomachs swell with worms or kwashiorkor, do you rejoice because you are doing a great job feeding the future generation? Singing about how the NRM gave us UPE without books, built many health centres with neither staff nor hospitals, grew many districts lacking leadership and accountability, expanded parliament and discovered Museveni’s oil is as wonderful as showing off your infected babies. What is the future of this vanity?

Uganda is sick. She suffers from a treatable venereal disease she got the day that the NRM dipped his sweet sperm-shooter into our wetlands. But women’s STDs rarely have painful symptoms. And so, many Ugandans think that the thirty-year old gonorrhea is sweetness. Treat the chancroid. Kick out the cancer before it turns malignant. Vote this illness out of our land because your vote counts. That dic is sick.”

She has also has threatened to burn her private parts on a charcoal stove if President Yoweri Museveni wins the elections again

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