Police Ready to Investigate Recent Promotions

Uganda Police Forces is ready to investigate recent promotions if approached by aggrieved police officers, Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson has revealed.

Fred Enanga, Police spokes person
Fred Enanga, Police spokes person

The four hundred ninety six (496) police officers were promoted to various ranks with in the Uganda Police Force on 4th February, 2015 by President Museveni.

In a press statement released yesterday, Enanga said the police have taken note of an alleged petition filed at the office of the Inspectorate of Government by Mulamula Andrew, citing irregularities in the most recent promotions.

“Uganda Police Force management is open to the investigations if approached by the Inspectorate of Government, and will clearly explain the process, as there is no cause for alarm,” the statement reads in part.

He maintained that promotions are a routine factor within the promotional policy of the institution.

“They were very transparent and based on; merit, demonstrated ability, leadership skills and career development among other criteria,” the statement adds.

Enanga said the promotions were prompted by “the necessity to have the command structure of the Police filled up, and it targeted officers in acting capacity from the station, Districts, Regions, Departments and Directorates.”

In a petition to the Inspector General of Government (IGG) Irene Mulyagonja, the aggrieved officers are demanding a probe into a “sham exercise and also reprimand officers in the Police Directorate of Human Resources who are responsible for editing the list of who is promoted and who is not.”

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