Museveni Warns Mbabazi, Besigye; Your Days are Numbered

President Museveni has warned that his challengers Amama Mbabazi and Kizza Besigye’s days are numbered.


Quoting the biblical teaching that requires a child to respect his or her parents in order to live longer, Museveni without mentioning their names, tactfully said that both Mbabazi and Besigye were created by NRM.

“Those moving around seeking for votes became what they are because of NRM. It is NRM that made them. Therefore, when you see someone who disrespects NRM yet it made him, you know his days are numbered” he said amid cheers from the crowds.

Museveni’s main point was on unity of all Ugandans. He described those who preach politics of religion and tribe as fools.

“If you want religion, go to church or mosque but in politics we want unity of all people. NRM stands for unity of all Ugandans. I am a rich man but my riches come from Uganda. The people of Kampala are the ones who buy my milk and bananas not banyankole. Therefore, those who cherish prosperity of Africa should shun such fools who divide our people. Leave those fools who talk about tribes and religion in politics,” the president said in Luganda.

In fact, Museveni said that his plate is Uganda and anyone who tries to step in his plate, he will box him.

He said that Uganda for the first time in 500 years is now peaceful from border to border.

Amama Mbabazi
Amama Mbabazi

He said that this has been possible because of unity which brought strength, peace and development.

Museveni noted that the population of Uganda has increased because of immunization program which his party brought.

He challenged people to work for personal wealth after government put in place developmental infrastructure such as roads, electricity, health centers and schools.

He however, said government had come up with wealth creation funds which include NAADS, youth fund, women fund and microfinance.

In NAADS, the funds are being increased from Shs203bn to Shs1000bn, youth funds from Shs54bn to Shs234bn, women fund Shs234bn while microfinance will raise from Shs44bn to Shs180bn.

He said that the NAADS fund is being raised in order to respond to people’s demand for more seedlings.

Kizza Besigye meets Amama Mbabazi
Kizza Besigye meets Amama Mbabazi

Museveni also promised to set up technical schools in all the constituencies in Kiboga and Kyankwanzi.

This is aimed at empowering youth with vocational skills.

“Our children now know how to read and write but they lack skills. Therefore, we are going to emphasize skills development,” he said.

He urged the people to vote for him.

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