Museveni Fears Me — Mbabazi

Independent presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi has revealed that his former boss, president Museveni fears him.


Campaigning in West Nile yesterday, Mbabazi said it is not only Museveni that fears him but also the whole government.

“President Museveni and his government fear me,” Mbabazi said.

He depicted Museveni as selfish leader who has failed to mentor any younger Ugandans to take over from him in his 30 year rule.

“How can you be a leader for 30 years and after 30 years, you say I don’t see anyone worthy of succeeding me? We think it is time for change of leaders,” Mbabazi said referring to Museveni.

Mbabazi also said that Museveni regime has no solution to poverty.

“25years of war and there is no sign that we about to defeat the enemy is a path that we should not follow anymore. I am sure that if you re-elect Museveni, you will have a new name for that programme, it will last another five years and poverty levels will remain the same.”

Mbabazi who is contesting under the Go Forward pressure group ditched National Resistance Movement (NRM) to pursue his presidential ambitions after failing to convince president Museveni to step down for him.

He had planned to contest for NRM flag bearer and National Chairman but later changed his mind, leaving the party to contest as an independent candidate.

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