FEARING THE LEOPARD!!! Mbabazi Deadly Security Squad Defects To M7

Go Forward security team that recently wreaked havoc in Ntungamo and inflicting injuries on NRM supporters has defected to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni dimming his rival Amama Mbabazi’s prospects of becoming Uganda’s next leader.


A total number of 68 muscular men and women made a pronouncement yesterday in Bugolobi, a Kampala suburb where Team Through YKM sits, headed by Ronald Tumwine Ssekitoreko, a former ally of Mbabazi but now canvasses support for Museveni.

The new defectors have sent shivers down the political spine of Mbabazi as they vowed to use same tricks to crush him and his entire Go Forward camp having masterminded the Ntungamo violence last December prompting Museveni to raise his voice with a language that left many gaped in shock warning that “this deadly squad had laid its fingers in a leopard’s anus.”

“From today onwards, we have parted ways with Mr. Mbabazi to join President Museveni’s camp after realizing we were not achieving what had promised to us while joining the Go Forward camp,” said the group leader George Sebyala at a press conference.

“We have realized he is not the right person to lead this country considering the problems that befell us after the Ntungamo incident. With the huge sums of money and wealth he has amassed, we were not well catered for by Mr. Mbabazi.” The group told journalists that there are a lot of issues pertaining corruption and money from homosexuals that Mbabazi could not explain well and had to quit his camp.

Meanwhile the group apologized to the NRM supporters and the public at large for the violence and harm they caused to NRM supporters in Ntungamo stressing they were misled into doing such.


“The people we beat were brother and sisters to us and we ask for forgiveness. We were only misled into doing such acts but we pledge not to do such an inhuman act to our fellow Ugandans,”Sebyala told journalists on Monday afternoon.

He said they had now seen the light and joined the ruling NRM party in a bid to canvass votes for President Museveni adding that they will now ensure they give security to NRM members.

Below is the full press release

Dear members of the press, Before you are members of the security team, and body guards of TDA/Go-forward Uganda presidential candidate John Patrick Amama Mbabazi. 

Today, we come out boldly to inform the general public, that we have officially left TDA/Go-forward Uganda and joined the National Resistance Movement (NRM –Party).

This decision is informed by the following reasons:

  1. The TDA/Go-forward candidate is a very selfish man who doesn’t mind about his people even when they get problems like the recent cases you have all heard about. Worse still, he cannot even share with us any little, from the billions of shillings he has got from foreigners.
  2. Secondly, we have learnt that Mr. Mbabazi and his whole team have a bigger scheme to disrupt the electoral process using riots, demonstrations and other means. And as security group, we cannot take part in this move at all.
  3. After working with TDA/ Go-forward candidate, we realized that he can NOT explain clearly his stand on the corruption cases while he was still Prime Minister and cases regarding foreign interest.
  4. We have also found lots of sectarian tendencies in the TDA/ Go-forward camp, and their deliberate desire to promote hate and tribal campaign messages, which is not good for peace and stability of this country.

It is from this background that we declare publically that we have left the TDA/ Go-forward camp and have joined President Yoweri Kaguta Musenevi’s camp to canvas him so that he can continue leading this country. LONG LIVE PRESIDENT MUSEVENI, LONG LIVE NRM, FOR GOD AND OUR COUNTRY.

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