FDC Agents Put on Gun Point to sign Fake Declaration Forms— Mafabi

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Secretary General Nandala Mafabi has claimed that party agents in Eastern, Northern and Western Uganda have been put on gun point by state agents and NRM officials to sign fake declaration forms.

FDC SG Nathan Nandala Mafabi
FDC SG Nathan Nandala Mafabi

“Security agents and NRM functionaries are looking for our agents and FDC leaders across the rural areas of Western, Eastern and Northern Uganda to sign falsified Candidates’ Declaration Result Forms. They are being put on gun point to sign them with either an exchange for money or get arrested for those who refuse,” Mafabi claimed yesterday in a social media post without delving into details.


The Budadiri West County Member of Parliament and former leader of opposition said FDC has “very good case against the regime” which is “scared and uncomfortable in the middle of a stolen election.”

FDC rejected presidential elections results announced by the Electoral Commission on Saturday.

The party president Mugisha Muntu said “the results he announced at the tally centre at the national level are inconsistent with the results that were even declared by their own officials at the lower levels like at the polling stations,” shortly before the final results were announced.

The party presidential candidate Kizza Besigye rejected the poll results and calling upon the International Community to do the same.

Police has stopped FDC from tallying its results while the party candidate Kizza Besigye has been arrested on numerous occasions since last week and he is being closely monitored by the police.

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