Bloody Elections as Mobile Internet is shut down

Most people are reporting that they cannot access internet using mobile phones as they go to polls to elect the president and parliamentarians.


Social media complaints indicate that since today morning, people cannot access social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Responding to complaints, the Electoral Commission said “It does not manage internet communications. Our job is to organise elections in this country.”

Airtel Uganda, one of the telecommunication companies said “it’s rather unfortunate you’re having such a bad experience, kindly be patient as this has been taken up by the responsible team,” while responding to a complaint raised by this reporter.

Social media has been instrumental in the campaigns in disseminating information.

Reports that Mobile internet would shut down today started making rounds on social media yesterday.

“Someone tell me mbu MTN will be off effective from tomorrow?” Charles Rwomushana, a government critic said yesterday.

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