Zari Wants to Give Diamond 2nd Baby

We are definitely sure South Africa based businessman Ivan Semwanga will not like this one bit.

diamond fingring zari

Exclusive info reaching Red Pepper online is that celebrated continental socialite Zari Hassan wants to give her current lover Diamond Platinumz a second child.

Snoops have established that the gorgeous but ageing Zari intends to make this her last child considering the fact that she already has five kids.

According to sources, Zari is working around the clock to make sure she conceives before this year ends.

Zari wants to give birth and finish before menopause catches up with her considering the fact that time is not slowing for her given her advancing age.

Zari and the Tanzanian singer have a daughter together named Tiffah.

The two hooked up two years back after Zari dumped Ivan

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