We Spin Doctors Told M7 Not To Attend Debate— Ssebaggala

Former Kampala mayor Al Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala has said he is among those people who advised president Museveni not attend presidential debate slated for tomorrow, Friday at Kampala Serana Hotel.


Appearing on NBS TV today morning, Ssebaggala emphatically said “We spin doctors told President Museveni not to attend the presidential debate.”

Yesterday, Uganda Media Centre boss Ofwono Opondo argued that the organisers of this debate are the “same people who mooted the formation of The Democratic Alliance (TDA).”

He claimed that the set questions for the presidential debate had been shared with all the other presidential candidates except Museveni.

Last week, The National Resistance Movement Campaign Task force spokesperson Mike Sebalu said president Museveni who is the party candidate will not attend the debate because their rallies end late and there is no time for Museveni to travel from the countryside districts to Kampala where the debate is going to take place.

This forced Forum for Democratic Change president (FDC) Kizza Besigye to pull out from the debate arguing that he cannot debate without Museveni.

However, the debate organisers have argued that there has been no official communication from any presidential candidate withdrawing from the live presidential debate.

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