Tanzania Battles To Curb Cholera Outbreak

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that a cholera outbreak in Tanzania has killed 222 people in the last 6 months, with more than 14,303 cases reported across 27 regions.


Earlier this month, Tanzania was one of 11 countries which received a cholera vaccine from WHO.

However, health officials say a shortage of supplies means it will not be accessible to all Tanzanians.

Tanzania’s ministry of health says that rapid response teams have been deployed to most affected areas, and that on average the numbers show that the rate of infection is slowing.

President John Magufuli cancelled Independence Day celebrations on 9 December, and led a clean-up campaign instead.

It was “shameful” to spend huge sums of money on the celebrations when “our people are dying of cholera”, he said at the time.

Source: BBC

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