Sangoma King Lawrence in Rape Scandal

The escapades that were committed by the South Africa based Sangomas are beginning to unfold.

king law

Word coming our way has it that King Lawrence has been arrested and accused of raping city babes during the festive season.

It is said that the showbiz loving dude used to engage some of the babes into nocturnal sessions without their consent.

One of the babes who preferred anonymity for obvious reasons intimated to us that Lawrence used laced drinks in his hotel room to drug the babes before getting it on.

She narrates that he told her and her friends to get cab and follow him to Serena for what he termed as an after party.

Out of excitement by the presence of sangoma’s money, they obliged.

She goes on to say that when they reached Lawrence’s room, there was no sign of an after party but just drinks.

This babe claims that the drinks were secretly drugged that led them to black out in Lawrence’s room.

Only to wake up when the sangoma had finished what he had wanted from them.

It is said that many of the babes Lawrence hooked up with have similar tales but are afraid to come out because they feel uncomfortable revealing such to the authorities for fear of public ridicule.

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