Pregnant Shakira Drinks like Fish at Guvnor

Gorgeous socialite Shakira Kayihura, the live-in girlfriend to South Africa based showy businessman and renowned sangoma Katumba Shafik alias Katsha seems to not to be worried about the health of her unborn baby.

Katsha's Wife, Shakira Kayihura was also around. Photo: Elisha Muloki
Katsha’s Wife, Shakira Kayihura was also around. Photo: Elisha Muloki

During the TMT party where she served as the representative for Katsha, a visibly pregnant Shakira left revelers in utter shock when she drunk herself to pulp…like a fish.

On lookers were left puzzled as to why a heavily pregnant Shakira was boozing like it was her last time.

We’re told by the experts that this could lead to growth problems, as well as bonding complications, for instance breastfeeding among other problems.

Secondly, Shakira a known Muslim who was brought up in a staunch Muslim setting, and by all moral standards, is not allowed to smell, taste or gulp any tribe of alcohol, be it associating with a drunkard.

Even with those few obstacles, Shakira couldn’t stop drinking herself silly with all kinds of expensive alcohol while shaking her heavy tummy. We’re told she could drop a tot anytime from now.

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