Police Dismiss Mbabazi statement on Disappearance, Killing of Supporters

Uganda Police spokesperson Fred Enanga has dismissed claims by Independent presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi that police has a hand in assault, disappearance and killing of his supporters.

Fred Enanga, Police spokes person
Fred Enanga, Police spokes person

Enanga yesterday said that Mbabazi statement is “devoid of truth; misleading, inciting and calculated to arouse unnecessary anxiety in the public.”

“The most glaring falsehood is the case of the late Ms. Mwebaze, who at the time of her demise had been a candidate for the local council elections in the NRM primaries. The matter is being investigated and the close relatives updated accordingly,” Enanga said in a press statement.

He added; “the case of assault and causing grievous harm in Ntungamo, is before court and the incidence was widely covered by the media. The public needs no assistance in interpreting the horrible images and clips of an offensive, launched by Hon. Amama Mbabazi’s supporters on unsuspecting by standers in the most wanton and barbaric way.”

In Kotido where Mbabazi supporters were arrested while drumming support for his visit, Enanga said that they chose to disregard the dates, scheduled for the campaign rally of their Presidential candidate and conducted their campaign activities on the eve of his arrival, disrupting business in town with drums and vuvuzelas.

“The residents raised their concerns and the youth were arrested and charged with public nuisance, after efforts to calm them to order bore no fruit.”

He described Mbabazi security details as a militia that has been outlawed by the Electoral Commission.

“The militia has meted violence against the public and police a number of times and cases have been lodged in court.”

On Aine’s disappearance, Enanga said that it is “surprising and ridiculous to allege that the police arrested Christopher Aine and are keeping him.” He said on Wednesday, 6th January 2016, Mbabazi lawyers were in Jinja Chief Magistrates Court to “oppose the issuance of the warrant of arrest for him, where they assured court that given an extension of time, they would produce him (Aine) in court.”

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