Meddie Sucked Me Dry—Curvaceous Corazon

Info reaching the 3am desk from neighboring Kenya is that incredibly curvy socialite Lily Corazon Kwamboka cannot stop talking about the good time she had with city Casanova Meddie Ssentongo.


It should be noted that Corazon spent the entire festive holiday with Meddie in Kampala painting the city red with their love.

It was during this period that sexperts analyzed how Meddie had bonked the babe for five hundred (500) hours during the time she was in town for over three weeks.

Our snoops in Nairobi tell us that Corazon has been heaping praise on Meddie’s sexual prowess.

Corazon is said to have confessed how Meddie gave her multiple orgasms.

A sexcited Corazon confided in a pal that got more orgasms in the three weeks she spent with Meddie than she had ever gotten her entire life.

‘I have never met a dude who knows what he is doing like him on my God. He is a full package” confessed Corazon.

Meddie also seems to have a magical tongue and he does not just use to talk and convince people to hand him millions of money.

The curvy babe adds that he has mastered the mastered the art of using his tongue to give mind boggling pleasure to babes by giving them head.

According to the curvy and now sexually satisfied Corazon, Meddie is the undisputed king of the tongue job as licked her from head to toe; from the ears, neck, boobs, waist, naval, shin to the toes and finally to the fountain of blessedness which he did with precision and expertise.

“The way he his tongue switched direction, it was like he was gently massaging my heart when he was using his tongue” Corazon candidly revealed.

“He put in the effort to learn my body and learn how to read my sexual needs–it was like he could speak to me without needing to speak to me. He knew where to be rough and where to be gentle. He knew what he was doing” she adds.

She has since promised to come back and visit him for more heavenly like nocturnal sessions since no man has ever made her the way Meddie felt.

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