Meddie Bonks Curvaceous Corzaon for 500 Hours

Celebrated businessman cum socialite Meddie Ssentono has in the past six months conquered the east African region thanks to his charm, good looks and prowess between the sheets.


From insanely gorgeous former Be My Date host Anita Fabiola Kyarimpa to Tanzania’s gorgeous Agnes Masogange and now to Kenya’s curvaceous Lilly Corazon Kwamboka.

Meddie and Corazon hooked up after he parted ways with Agnes who also happens to be Fabiola’s tight pal.

The two have been inseparable like newlyweds on their honeymoon.

She is so smitten with him that she flew to Kampala to be with him during the festive season as Meddie officially unveiled her at The Money Team (TMT) party on 30th December last year at Guvnor.

Before making it official, Meddie and the sexy Corazon were holed up at his Munyonyo based mansion engaging in endless nocturnal sessions.

In fact, snoops have established that Meddie has been chewing the fleshy babe mercilessly that he is almost turning her into cabbages.

This comes after experts claim that he has pierced her bearded meat for about five hundred hours (500) since she jetted in town about three weeks back.

In fact close pals intimate to snoops that ever since she jetted in, Meddie has been rare to access as he is always occupied with Corazon in Munyonyo or in her hotel room at Serena.

“They are always indoors and the only time they are not is then going to party where they also don’t spend more than four hours before returning to chew each other” one of Meddie’s close pals is quoted to have said.

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