Mbabazi to Work with Besigye to Stop Vote Rigging

Independent presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi last night during the presidential debate promised to work with Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) candidate, Kizza Besigye to stop vote rigging during the presidential elections.



Mbabazi made the promise after a question from Besigye; “I would like to know if Mbabazi throughout his tenure ever became aware of the type and extent of election rigging?”

Mbabazi responded saying he has heard romours about vote rigging but will work with the four time presidential candidate to protect the votes.

“My clear answer is that I am not aware of election rigging. I have heard some stories, but I have no personal knowledge,” Mbabazi said adding “I am willing to work with Kizza Besigye to have a fair election, and I will be happy to lend him my experience.”


On numerous occasions, Mbabazi has vowed to work with the local population to protect their votes. For instance, while addressing a press conference in Gulu in November last year, he said “”How shall we protect the vote? We’ll have a partnership with the voters at the local level. Cast your ballot and stay at the polling station untill the counting and declaration is done. The other place where rigging can be done is in Kampala in the computers and that one, I will handle personally.”

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