M7 Will Not Attend The Debate — Lumumba

National Resistance Movement (NRM) secretary general Justine Kasule Lumumba last night while appearing on NTV poured cold water on rumours that president Museveni may attend Uganda’s first presidential debate that will take place tonight at Kampala Serana Hotel.

Justine Lumumba,the appointed SG of NRM
Justine Lumumba,the SG of NRM

NRM has maintained that their presidential candidate will not attend because their rallies in western end late and there is no time for Museveni to travel from the countryside districts to Kampala where the debate is going to take place.

However, rumours that Museveni may shock the nation by attending the debate have been making rounds inside the political circles.

Yesterday, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate Kizza Besigye made a U-turn confirming that he will attend today’s debate.

Besigye said he met Justice James Ogoola who told him that “Museveni has not withdrawn from the debate so they expect him to attend.”

“My position is quite clear. A debate is of two sides and so we must debate both sides. This morning, I met Justice James Ogoola in Mbale. First he told me that Mr. Museveni has not withdrawn from the debate so they expect him to attend. Secondly, we have also discussed the content of what the debate will focus on. Unless there is anything that changes, all of us should be in attendance. If there are no changes and what I know now remains to be the case, I will be at the debate.” Besigye said.

Today morning, Justice Ogoola said National Resistance Movement (NRM) secretary general wrote to him but did not confirm if Museveni will attend or will not.

“Kasule Lumumba wrote to me and said HE YK Museveni will attend if schedule allows. We have positive expectations.”

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