LEOPARD’S ANUS CHALLENGE: Diamond Puts Finger In Zari’s Anus

Remember when President M7 got so furious and equated his rage to that one of a leopard when a finger is put into its anus? Well, Diamond Platinumz seems so interested in doing that deliberately.

Diamond putting his finger into Zari's anus
Diamond putting his finger into Zari’s anus

Well, in one picture that he took with his lover and cross boarder socialite Zari Hassan, Diamond fingered Zari’s booty without any double takes.

Clad in a white dress, Zari was smiling endlessly as she seemed to enjoy the act, which from then was deemed immoral on social media.

However, our snoops have established that Zari could be a good fan of fingering, since we also saw her during her pregnancy being in the same act.

Diamond then had inserted his knuckle into Zari’s dry bean, and she seemed so excited about it.

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