Katsha Begs To Rejoin Rich Gang

Katumba Shafiq aka Katsha De Bank has been in the limelight for several reasons; the recent one being his decision to quit TMT Africa.


Since he threw in towel, several theories have emerged with some people claiming he was fired, even though it’s crystal clear that he founded that group.

The latest information we have obtained from our impeccable sources has it that Katsha is currently pleading with the Rich gang to take him back.

Apparently, he cannot spend 2 hours without calling one of the members, trying to solicit for his re-admission into the gang.

However, we were told by our sources, that for the past few days, he has suffered a big blow, since all request made have been turned down.

The sources further narrate that he was actually asked to parade his bank net worth which by their standards, shouldn’t be below one Billion.

While denying him, the rich gang members have further claimed that they may not admit an ex-convict into their group.

This comes moments after we were told that the Rich gang has been jubilating upon the fall of their rivals TMT

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