Justice Ogoola Conned Besigye on Museveni Debate Attendance

Witty Justice James Ogoola was essential in luring Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate back into the presidential debate.

Justice James Ogoola,
Justice James Ogoola,

Dr. Kizza Besigye, the FDC party presidential candidate last night confessed during the presidential debate that when he met Justice James Ogoola on Thursday morning in Mbale, the latter intimated that President Museveni would be attending the debate.

“The institutional framework of this country has all been transformed to the person of the president… I came here with the knowledge that president Museveni would be here, I am disappointed that he is not, he is our servant,” Besigye said responding to a question from Allan Kasujja.

While explaining his U-turn earlier on Thursday, he said that Ogoola told him that Museveni had not withdrawn officially from the debate.

“My position is quite clear. A debate is of two sides and so we must debate both sides. This morning, I met Justice James Ogoola in Mbale. First he told me that Mr. Museveni has not withdrawn from the debate so they expect him to attend,” Besigye said.

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