Joy Kihuguru ‘Snatches’ Married Man

Joy introducing her man
Joy introducing her man

Self-proclaimed pastor and former Television star, Joy Kihuguru is on the spot for allegedly snatching a married man.

The Soaring With Eagles ministry boss who also presents a show on Light House Television, last weekend introduced Noah Musanje, a Ugandan living in the United States of America. Even though earlier reports indicated that he lives in Boston, our highly placed sources in the US have intimated to us that Noah actually lives in Chicago with his wife, Aisha Katalemwa.

In more shocking details, the gentleman introduced by Joy is believed to have changed his name last year under unclear circumstances. He was and continues to be referred to by the Ugandan community in Chicago as Noah Bukenya only to change it to Musanje to the utter shock of many.

According to our sources, he got married to Aisha Katalema, a daughter to a one hajji Katalema in the early 2000s at Rubaga Cathedral and they have two children. Vanessa Nansamba, a student of medicine in one of the universities in the US and a six year old boy only identified as Jayden.

Our source revealed that the Ugandan communities in Chicago were shocked to learn that a man they have respected had decided to ditch his wife and allow to be introduced to Kihuguru’s home. “We are very disappointed and wondering what could have become of him because we have known him as a humble man here,” our source who prefers anonymity told us yesterday on phone from Chicago. She added, “In Chicago, he is that loving husband who does the nitty gritty lovers do like opening car doors.” He rose to fame in the community for successfully organizing the 2009 Uganda North America Association (UNAA) convention. It is an organization that unites Ugandans in the US. He is said to have met Kihuguru on one of his holidays in Uganda, although they later secretly traveled to America to enjoy themselves from Obama’s land too. The sources added that it was unfair for him to ditch wife and run for the seemingly juicy Kihuguru even after he stood by his wife when she had several miscarriages.

As you read this, the Christian community in Chicago has embarked on prayer and fasting to have him back. It is alleged that Noah told his wife that he would be traveling to Uganda for three weeks to settle a family land dispute only for them to learn that he had been introduced to Kihuguru.

When contacted for a comment on the matter, Kihuguru denied the allegations that she snatched a married man asking that her private life be left to herself. “With all respect, my private life is my private life. Whoever is furnishing you with such information should prove it,” Joy retorted. When pressed to comment on the fact that taking a married man goes against some of the things she preaches against, Kihuguru said, “I’m sorry. I Can’t comment.” Kihuguru launched her ‘Soaring With Eagles’ televangelism ministry two years ago at Hotel Protea.

Joy introducing her manHer ministry is spread using television and the internet mainly using social media.  She has a following on social media platforms like Facebook where she posts daily biblical devotions. Kihuguru used to host the “Let’s get real show” on Urban TV and was recently ordained as a pastor by Pastor Isaac Kiweeweesi of Kansanga Miracle Centre. She seperated from her previous lover, Nsubuga. They had a son together.


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