Gitawo Shafts SK Mbuga’s Wife

South African based tycoon and real estate mogul Cameroon Gitawo is at loggerheads with Sangoma Suleiman Kabangala Mbunga over a woman identified as Vivian Birungi.

Gitawo With Vivian over the weekend in South Africa
Gitawo With Vivian over the weekend in South Africa

The verbal artillery between the two started when Gitawo said that he shafted Mbuga’s wife, Vivian Birungi.

Gitawo even released pictures where he was holding Vivian passionately.

This website understands that Gitawo paid a return air ticket for Vivian and they were both seen together in South Africa over the weekend.

This is not the first time Gitawo is encroaching on SK Mbuga’s territory.

Over the festive season, The TMT boss was spotted with Mbuga’s other wife, Leila Kayondo.

SK Mbuga's wife Leila Kayondo with Cameroon Gitawo
SK Mbuga’s wife Leila Kayondo with Cameroon Gitawo

The two were seen enjoying life and dying to disappear into each other.

Mbibo passionately holding Vivian
Mbibo passionately holding Vivian

It is not clear whether Gitawo had a thing for Leila but the body language would echo that they passionately felt each other.

Vivian Denies Having Sexual Affair with Gitawo

In one of the recorded conversations posted on social media sites, Vivian is heard asking Gitawo if it’s true they had sex.

She further says that she had gone to meet Gitawo to seat a business deal.

“I met Chris (Gitawo) because  she had to show me a car (benz) that am supposed to buy.”

In the same audio, Gitawo fails to answer the question but says she will call Vivian later since he was in public by call time.

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