Gitawo Pumps Dime In Ghetto Kids’ Forthcoming Video Shoot

Cameroon Gitawo has made a name in the city for various reasons, but he is so determined to dive into the charity section with all the vigor.

Sitya Loss kids upon receiving the money
Sitya Loss kids upon receiving the money

Latest information we have obtained is that Gitawo has pumped over Shs 1.5M in the anticipated Jangole video for the ghetto kids also known as the Sitya Loss kids.

‘Jangole’ is a tribute song to fallen dancer Alex Ssempijja who executed his dancing errands as part of the ghetto kids.

This apparently was a fulfillment of a pledge he made towards the foundation earlier this year when he visited them.

We are told soon as the TMT boss landed in South Africa, he made sure that the money is processed as soon as possible for the video shoot.

On Thursday afternoon, the Sitya loss kids received the dime in Makindye and immediately visited Jahlive studios—which will do the shooting.

Cameroon Gitawo
Cameroon Gitawo

Jahlive manager Kaaja Asha received the kids in absence of Frank Jah, the proprietor of the video production house.

Apparently, during his visit to the triplets foundation, Gitawo also pledged to foot all school dues for the kids every term of their school life.

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