Deserted Bizzu Finds Solace In Booze, Shisha

Phiona Bizzu, the Ex-Miss Uganda must be one individual who is dearly missing the Sangomas around the city, and we proved this last Friday.

Lonely Bizzu puffing Shisha
Lonely Bizzu puffing Shisha

While attending the night in the emirates fete at Cayenne bar in Bukoto, the Ex beauty queen had many battles but among all, loneliness stood highest.

She arrived at a few minutes past midnight, and started gaping around looking for company, but it never came around so easy. She was deserted.

Her first disappointment was at the red carpet when the paparazzi snubbed her and focused on snapping other hotter babes.

Few camera guys took her pics…but that’s okay, we understand her struggle.

So, when she got inside, she had a very big problem of mingling with the hot babes all clad in Arab-like attires.

For her, she was in black jumpsuit, which developed in her, self-retraction.

At some point, she found solace in puffing shisha like her life depended on it.

Unlike other girls who were vibed at an average of five men per hour, Bizzu never had any interested party for the whole night.

It should be noted that for some time last year, she found solace in a Sangoma who had promised her heaven on earth, but she can hardly see the fruits of their relationship.

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