Big Boss General Manager’s Killer Sentenced to 10 years in Prison

COURT IN KAMAPALA presided over by Justice, Joseph Murangira has sentenced Gabriel Anguyo aka Najib Bruno Abindua, 30, to ten years for murdering Harsh Sharma.

Anguyo is a private security guard attached to Delta Force Protection Limited, while Sharma was a former General Manager for Bunga based Big Boss Universal Limited.

Justice Murangira based his judgment on the plea-bargaining by the parties in the case and the mitigating factors agreed upon by both Counsels for the parties during the plea bargaining session.

According to the prosecution side led by Principal State Attorney, Macrina Gladys Nyanzi,  Anguyo with malice aforethought caused the death of Harish Sharma on29th day of September, 2013 at Big Boss Universal, Bunga in Makindye Division in the Kampala District.

As a payback for him heartless act, Court has sentenced him to ten years in Luzira coolers upon  pleading  guilty to charges of  murder  which were  brought against him under Court case file number 248/14. At the time of his death, the deceased was remaining with one week to fly to India to attend his wedding with his fiancée.

Gabriel Anguyo alias Najib Bruhan Abindua who allegedly shot dead Big Boss' Sharma Harish, an Indian Investor
Gabriel Anguyo alias Najib Bruhan Abindua who allegedly shot dead Big Boss’ Sharma Harish, an Indian Investor. Photo: Stuart Yiga


Gabriel Abindua alias Najib Bruhan Anguyo, 30, was born on 7th, April, 1984 at Oliba village, Arua District to Ernest Odama and Dorcus Khawa. He is the last born in the family of three. Others include; Rehema Chandiru (RIP), Didone Anzu, a Chapati maker, and Emmanuel Abiku, who is a carpenter.  In 1992, his parents shifted to Nyantonzi village-Masindi District, where they live up to date.

Before joining Delta Force Protection Limited, Abindua worked as a potter at Credible Construction Company in 2003, and Costa Construction Company, in 2010, as Carpenter.

His father allegedly passed on in early January, 2013. I was a double tragedy on his side because few days after attending his late father’s funeral, when he returned back to his work place, his bosses told him that his job had been given to another person.

Covered with a lot of frustration, Abindua started hunting for another job until one of his friends tipped him off that at Delta; they were recruiting some security guards. Since he had dropped out of school in Primary Seven in 1993 at Nyantonzi Primary School-Masindi District yet the academic requirements was ranging from ‘O’ level onwards, Abindua went to Nasser road Kampala and duplicated  Najib Buruhan’s Uganda Defence Forces (UPDF) discharge letter  and put his passport photo, claiming that it was his. Najib Buruhan was in UPDF NO. RA183425, before he was retired.

Late Sharma Haris (L) with his fiencee whom he was going to wed few weeks in India before he was shot (Photos by Stuart Yiga)
Late Sharma Haris (L) with his fiencee whom he was going to wed few weeks in India before he was shot. Photo: Stuart Yiga


While in the High Court of Kampala recently, Abindua explained that on the fateful day, Harish Sharma (deceased) and Abhey Bansal came back at their offices and ordered him to open for them the gate. “After opening for them the gate, Bansal left the car (Noah) together with Sharma, but shortly after, Sharma came back and ordered me to open the boot and pick some items. When I went to open the boot, I found it closed and when I went to the front seat to inform Sharma the boot was still locked up, he backed at me and quickly slapped me in the face,” Abindua said.

“When I asked him why he always beat me, he advised me to call at my company which deployed me at his place to ask them instead of wasting his time. Because I was pissed up, I frankly warned to beat him if he dared to repeat it again. Surprisingly, Sharma came out of the car and started kicking me!” Abindua added.

He further told Court that, after facing the torture in the hands of Sharma (the then General Manager, Big Boss Universal Limited), he (Abindua) walked up to Abhey Bansal (Big Boss Managing Director) and reported Sharma, but to his dismay, no action was taken against him. This annoyed the guard more and he says, when he saw him (Sharma) seated inside the office with his boss Bansal, he corked his gun and entered straight to teach him a lesson.

“When I reached the door way of the office Harish Sharma stood up and ran towards me, I told him not to approach where I was and he tried to use force that when I finally put him on gun point and later shot him in the chest once, purposely to send a message to him that I was tired of harassing me,” Abindua boldly told Court.

Gabriel Anguyo alias Najib Bruhan Abindua (C) after being by Police
Gabriel Anguyo alias Najib Bruhan Abindua (C) after being by Police. Photo: Stuart Yiga

During the scuffle, Abhey Bansal allegedly survived being shot also since he tried to remove the gun from the killer guard, who later abandoned his riffle, uniform shirt and over coat at the door way and took off in thin air until security intelligence whisked him from the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where he had gone to hide a month after committing the horrific act.


After committing the offence, the suspect took off to unknown place, but in October, 2013, Police investigators established that the accused had made some communications to his fiancée Juliet Kyokunda. Kyokunda allegedly led police to Onzima Abiku, a brother to the accused whose phone had been used to communicate to him. Upon His arrest, Emvi Anziku, led police to Aliba village, DRC, where the key suspect was netted.

However, on the allegations that the culprit was paid money to kill Sharma, in his statement that was recorded by senior Police detective, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Doreen Kaakyo, he said; it’s not true that I was paid to kill him, I just got angry after he assaulted me several times.”

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