Charlotte Finally In Town For Merrymaking

“East or west; home is best”, goes the adage. Charlotte Kwezira the pretty presenter of the Uganda Vision TV Program in the UK is back in town for holidays after years in the queen’s land.


Snoops spotted her in town last week with a group of family members having a good time.

Charlotte is the presenter who is more popular to the Ugandans in Europe for her show that airs on Chanel 182 Ben TV that broadcasts all over the European continent.

She hosts the Uganda Vision Program which is one of 6 most popular programs according to the BEN TV with a weekly audience of more than 600,000 viewers in Europe.

The Uganda Vision Program showcases Ugandan Culture, Tourism, Investment opportunities in Uganda and also plays music videos recorded by Ugandan artistes for audiences in Europe, USA and Asia.

Charlotte scooped the slot to host the show after replacing Ex-Miss Uganda UK chapter, Jackie Matovu who migrated to Denmark last year.

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