Benny D fails to impress @Silk Street jam

DJ Benny D is a renowned international Disc Jockey, but that doesn’t mean he can turn up each and every crowd he gets.

Dj Benny D doing his thing Photo: By Elisha Muloki
Dj Benny D doing his thing Photo: By Elisha Muloki

Hundreds witnessed the international DJ flop at the Silk Street jam held on New Year’s Eve in a fairly attended show.

Even though he is the official DJ for Akon, Rock City and TLC, Benny D clearly failed to impress the handful of revelers who sacrificed to be in attendance.

He is undeniably a good spinner and the choice of songs wasn’t bad…But he occasionally did more talking which is not fond of Ugandan DJs.

The revelers are already tuned to that kind of setting; which clearly was the major reason why Benny D maintained a dull crowd all through his time.

However, he threw a few shouts to Ugandan artists like Lillian whom he called a personal friend, Atlas the African and yours truly Red Pepper and some industrial area based chaps.

That aside, the event was given the suiting hype by the city’s top Emcees Mr Mosh, Percy and Esco who kept the crowd in the loop of what’s coming next.

Sound was so insanely perfect though some people nearly lost their hearts to the buzzing bass across the streets in front of club silk.

The turn up was just fair, not as massive as earlier expected.

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