Turkish Armed Forces In Uganda

A team from the Turkish Armed Forces, led by Maj Gen Muhittin Fatih Sert is in Uganda to fast track the establishment of bilateral relations between the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) and the Turkish Military.


The team was on December 07, 2015, received by the Chief of Defence Forces, Gen Edward Katumba Wamala and other UPDF chiefs at the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence headquarters in Mbuya.

The two Countries are in the process of concluding;

  • Framework Agreement
  • Military Training Cooperation
  • Defence Industry Cooperation Agreement
  • The implementation protocol regarding the financial assistance


In the above agreements, the two countries will cooperate in areas of Defense

industry, Military Training and education, exchange of military intelligence, and Logistics and logistic systems.

Other areas include Military medicine and health services, contact visits between the Armed Forces, personnel management and Exchange of personnel for professional development, and Communications, electronics and information systems.


Under the same arrangement, the two countries will further cooperate in Operations other than war such as peacekeeping, humanitarian aid and counter-piracy operations, Exchange of information on military legal systems, Mapping and hydrography.

They will also Share information and experience on military, scientific and technological research areas, and Cooperate in the fields of military history, archives, publication and museology and in the area of Social, sports and cultural activities.

In recent years, the Turkish Government has expanded its cooperation in Africa and entered into agreements with several countries.


In Somalia, the Turkish Government is already working with the Somali Federal Government and the African Union to restore peace and security.

UPDF is part of the African Union Mission in Somalia

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