SHOCKER!!!! Ken Lukyamuzi Takes Off Shoes in Restaurant

Many people have always known him as a political comedian but it has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that vocal John Ken Lukyamuzi a.k.a The Man is also a charming guy.

Ken Lukyamuzi and his date without shoes in a restaurant
Ken Lukyamuzi and his date without shoes in a restaurant

This was evidenced last Tuesday afternoon at Cafe Pap opposite Farmers House.

Clad in a cream suit, Lukyamuzi, the president of Conservative Party, walked into the eatery and sat alone for about twenty minutes.

Eyewitnesses intimate that the Rubaga South Member of Parliament seemed so uneasy and looked very anxious like a lion waiting to pounce on its prey.

A few minutes later, a middle aged unidentified woman walked in and joined him.

Acting like a typical gentleman, Lukyamuzi pulled a chair for her and the two started a conversation though we could not establish what it was about.

Minutes after, Lukyamuzi’s facial expression changed as he was seen smiling ear to ear like a cat that has just finished feasting on a bowl of ghee.

Judging from their body language, the two seemed not to be on the same page.

To the utter shock of other patrons in the eatery, Lukyamuzi reached out under the table, took off his jacket, and folded the right side of his trousers before taking off his shoes.

Lukyamuzi immediately started speaking ‘Ludiki’ until he won the babe over as she was seen laughing at every joke he told as they enjoyed a cup of tea.

The two seemed to be on the same page as his date also took off her green shoes.  Well done Ken The Man!

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