Sheila Shaves Her Eclipse, Flaunts It To Be Viewed

Sheila Saltofie just shaved her twat, and she wants the whole world to know…including you.


She was at Cayenne bar and restaurant over the weekend where she left every man with weak knees after putting her shaven tiny naked eclipse on full display.

While the night was Hawaiian theme party, Sheila opted for a more free dress which later bred issues for her and her southern territory.

After downing several bottles, Sheila opened her legs wider and wider and she danced the night away, little knowing that a tragedy was waiting to befall her legs and microscopic twat.

When wind blew, her tiny bean was on display for everyone to see even though she seems not to have found out.

Since we’re used to her body in clothes, it was a big surprised to find out that actually Sheila Saltofie, the city MC and former TV host has a tiny yoyo.

We really pity her white lover…Like who feeds on such a pin-hole sized cookie?

Ooh, it’s not even pulled…She really knows nothing about Twinnies.

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