Police Is Training Crime Preventers in Voter Register manipulation, Rigging— Oguttu

Leader of opposition in parliament Hon. Wafula Oguttu has claimed that police recently trained crime preventers at Masindi Police Training School to manipulate voter registers and vote rigging.

Leader of Opposition in parliament Wafula Oguttu.
Leader of Opposition in parliament Wafula Oguttu.

Oguttu on Tuesday said in a social media post said the trained crime preventers have also been armed with voters’ registers and ordered to “clean” them.

“This month a number of crime preventers, were invited from each District for special training at Masindi Police a Training college. The special training was about Voter Register manipulation, vote rigging, identifying and separating non- NRM members and supporters, the dead and those who have moved away from their areas,” he said.

He added; “On completion of the training, the cadre militia were armed with copies of EC Voters Register broken into polling stations.

On return to their Districts the copies were distributed to every crime preventer with instructions to “clean” the Register in their areas of operation.

We raised this matter in Parliament last week but the new Minister for Internal Affairs feigned ignorance.”

Oguttu said that last weekend the copies of “the so-called cleaned Register” were handed over to the Sub County “cadre militia commanders for onward transmission to the Inspector General of Police.”

Oguttu who held two long meetings with the Prime Minister over the issue of crime preventers said what they agreed upon has been simply ignored by the President.

“We agreed that crime preventers would only be used to do crime intelligence work in their villages, would not arrest and would not carry weapons”

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