Nude Queen Sheila Battles Social Phobia

Not so long ago, we posted an internet-breaking photo of events MC Sheila Saltofie totally naked, with her yoyo on full display for everyone to see.


From that moment onwards, Sheila seems to have developed a serious disorder that is threatening her public appearance.

On Thursday night, our moles saw her totally uncomfortable and out of place during the genesis Red fashion show held at Cayenne bar and restaurant.

Even when she put on the line up to model for House of Lukoma, Sheila looked weak and shy considering the fact that most people were imagining her naked twat by then.

After leaving the runway, Sheila was overheard telling some babes that she wasn’t comfortable at Cayenne, and begged to switch places.

It should be noted that our mole snapped her naked from Cayenne, which explains the déjà vu she could have suffered.

She however found solace in two white dudes who gave her company before she went on a mission to hunt for the guy who snapped her.

Our sources also overheard her asking a certain journalist if he knew any guy from red pepper, but all in vain.

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