No Way Besigye Would Win Election In 2006 — Kiggundu

Chairman of Electoral Commission Eng. Badru Kiggundu has said there is no way Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate would have won 2006 presidential elections.

EC Chief Eng. Badru Kigundu
EC Chief Eng. Badru Kigundu

Appearing on NBS today morning, Kiggundu simply said election results were vivid.

“There’s no way the election in 2006 would have been won by Kizza Besigye, the results were very vivid.”

In 2013, the former coordinator of intelligence agencies Gen. Davis Sejusa revealed that FDC candidate, Dr. Kizza Besigye, won the February 23, 2006 vote with a 69 per cent margin.

The President, he said, had managed less than 30 per cent of the ballot.

When Besigye petitioned Supreme Court of Uganda, it rejected his plea to quash the election results. Majority judges agreed that there had been electoral irregularities.

He said that to have free and fair elections, it is a responsibility of all parties involved not the Electoral Commission only.

On the impartiality of the commission, Kiggundu noted, “Some people think independence is absolute. Where do we get the money to operate, the laws? They are all from the executive.”

He added; “I am very independent. In three years, I have only met President Museveni twice on substantial matters.”

He said he would turn down another term in office should the appointing authority bestow one on him.

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