NEW YEAR MESSAGE: We can expect more Intimidation, Violence- Besigye

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential flag bearer Dr. Kizza Besigye has said his supporters should expect more intimidation and violence in 2016 from what he called a desperate regime.


In an end of year statement, Besigye today however noted 2016 will be a year of liberation when people will regain power that belong them.

“We can expect more intimidation, probably more violence directed at our campaign. You are going to see fake defections staged to discourage you. There will be more fake polls that predict victory for Mr. Museveni, again to try and make you lose hope,” Besigye said.

He added; “All these are signs of a desperate regime. Do not waver. This is our year of liberation when we take back the power that belongs to us.”

He promised to address problems that affect the majority of Ugandans raging from jobs scarcity, low incomes, affordable and quality health care, meaningful education, the end of state instigated land grabbing after regaining power.

Besigye thanked supporters who welcomed him during the ongoing presidential campaigns and his campaign team that sailed through hard times.

“And for those directly involved with the campaigns, the last few months have been very trying. So I take this opportunity thank the millions of Ugandans who have welcomed us wherever we have been since the campaigns started,” he said

Adding; “You have walked long distances, in the rain and hot sun…you have given sacrificially to my campaign, a sure sign of your support and trust…you have resisted bribery and corruption, often on empty stomachs and empty wallets. I thank you.”

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